VAS and AgSource are joining forces. Together under one name – VAS

We bring value to a diverse group of clients, from crop specialists to dairy producers. We are innovators, creating clarity out of thousands of raw data points, equipping producers with the power to make the most informed management decisions. Combining our talents, services, and products provide an offering that is unrivaled in the industry.

Your Leading Provider in Laboratory Services

At AgSource we’re leading the charge in environmental, food and agricultural laboratory analysis and information management services. From five locations throughout the Midwest, we’re able to meet a diverse array of analytical needs for our clients in the United States and across the globe.

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why AgSource?

When choosing a laboratory, you expect the most accurate results, quick turnaround time and quality support. We exceed expectations by providing you all that and more. AgSource is your testing partner.



Soil, plant tissue, manure and water testing services.


Water & Environmental

Wastewater, drinking water, pool & spa water and agricultural water testing services


Professional Turf

Soil, plant tissue and irrigation water analyses designed for turf. 


Food & Products

Microbiological, analytical, milk and additional analyses.



Soil and water testing designed for homeowners and wildlife enthusiasts


Agronomic Consulting

Nutrient Management Planning, GPS soil sampling, crop scouting