Got Nutrients? Manage Manure this Fall

Nutrients Happen.

Test to know what nutrients you’re applying this fall.

What’s in your manure?  Animals eliminate, via manure or urine, around 75% of the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients they consume. That means manure and compost are valuable sources of plant nutrients.

Collect manure samples before you spread so you can adjust your fertilizer application rates or choose the fields with the highest nutrient needs based on recent soil tests.

Manure sampling is a dirty job, but this knowledge is a powerful input to your crop yields. Regular soil and manure test results can be used to properly apply manure on your fields from your unique manure sources.

Remember, a manure test result is only as good as the sample taken. Be sure to freeze or refrigerate the samples before shipping them or taking them to the lab.

Be prepared for the manure spreading season and request your manure kits today!

Always include a sample submission form with your samples!