Our History

For over 50 years, AgSource has been serving clients’ testing service needs, beginning with milk samples in Wisconsin and expanding to soil samples from around the world. Throughout the years and the changes, our goal has remained the same: to provide testing services as effectively as possible to maximize the profitability of our customers.

In 1967, AgSource opened its first soil testing laboratory. Eleven years later, in 1978, a forage and grain testing laboratory was added, expanding the services provided by AgSource. In later years, additional laboratories were purchased, including a food and environmental laboratory in 2000, and the Belmond, Iowa, soil lab in 2002. 

In 2006, AgSource strengthened its position in the turf market with the acquisition of Harris Laboratories in Lincoln, Nebr. The Ellsworth, Iowa was acquired in 2011, when the decision was made to move the Belmont facility to Ellsworth. By 2014, the Jerome location was sold and the Stratford food and environmental laboratory upgraded facilities to a facility three times larger than the previous location.

In August of 2016, the Ellsworth facility to transition to a brand new, fully integrated laboratory, just a few blocks from the previous location. 

Company History

1967: Our first soil laboratory opens in Bonduel, Wisconsin.

1978: AgSource acquires a new forage and grain testing facility, expanding testing services.

2000: A food and environmental laboratory opens in Stratford, Wisconsin.

2002: The soil laboratory in Belmond, Iowa is purchased.

2006: A turf laboratory opens in Lincoln, Nebraska.

2008: Laboratories open in Umatilla, Oregon, and Jerome, Idaho.

2010: A soil and water laboratory is acquired in Ellsworth, Iowa.

2011: Belmond Laboratory moves to Ellsworth, Iowa.

2014: The food and environmental Laboratory moves from Stratford to Marshfield, Wisconsin. The Jerome, Idaho location is sold.

2016:  A brand-new, fully integrated laboratory is built in Ellsworth, Iowa.

Today: We are the leader in agricultural testing with six laboratories in four states, and continue to grow and service customers worldwide.

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