Our core values set the foundation for everything we do:


Taking care of business means taking care of our customers. We understand that you rely on our testing services to make the best decisions possible for your business, and we welcome the opportunity to develop a customized plan for you.


In addition to providing accurate test results, our laboratory technicians are knowledgeable, approachable, and friendly. We aim to establish meaningful connections with our customers, and offer valuable guidance and customer support. We will work together to develop the best solution possible.


All of our laboratory locations meet all state and industry certification requirements, and each one maintains a complete record of all supporting data for each item reported in our quality control program. All of this translates into substantiated, precise, and error-free analytical data that our clients can rely on every time.


We follow a rigorous quality control (QC) program designed by our highly skilled analytical team. This QC program is defined and measured by our standard operating procedures (SOPs) that oversee operational responsibilities such as:

  • Documenting instrumentation set up, standardization, and maintenance
  • Preparing and implementing dates for standards and extracting reagents
  • Daily checking and replicating sample numbers
  • Weekly checking and blind-checking sample numbers
  • Participating in outside proficiency testing programs


We promise to treat our land, our communities and business resources as our own. We value our independent, unbiased voice on behalf of our clients, respect our communities and the land we live in. striving to improve the environment one test at a time.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about how our values are fueling our commitment to our customers and the future.

What customers are saying

“Great service, friendly staff, accurate reports.”

          Mark Klish, Wisconsin 

“The customer service is second to none!”

          Dave Duncan, British Columbia

“I recommend working with AgSource. We have been able to execute variable rate fertilizer applications on more acres because of the quick turnaround from the lab and the soil samplers. This has allowed us to take on more applications than before, which in turn is very good for our business all around.”

          Rachel Marsh, Illinois