Agronomic Consulting

AgSource offers precision agriculture and nutrient management plans (NMP) that are customized to your unique operation.

  • Customized solutions are aimed to maximize crop yields and profits
  • Professional crop consultants with over 100 years of combined experience
  • Staff conveniently located throughout Wisconsin and northern Illinois
  • Standard 590, NR243, and Comprehensive NMPs available

Meet our Agronomic Consulting Team

Contact Chuck Bolte, [email protected] or 715.490.1011, with questions or to set-up an appointment.

Testing Options

  • Field Mapping: AgSource can map your fields to determine exact acreages using DGPS to create geo-referenced maps of your farm fields.
  • GPS Soil Sampling: AgSource can sample your fields by grid, soil type, or management zones. Based on given frequency, typically 2.5, 3.3, 5 acre grids, soil cores are pulled at sample points though-out your field and recorded using DGPS technology. The smaller the grid size, the more accurately you will be able to measure the variability of the nutrients within the field.
  • Variable Rate Recs – Fertilizer and Planting: AgSource can create VRT files for your operation. These files can be exported in over 20 different formats to meet the requirements of any controllers currently used.
  • Nutrient Management Plans – A sound NMP will allow growers to meet environmental regulations and maximize profitability. NMPs include the 590 and NR243 plans. NMPs are a set of conservation practices designed to use fertilizer and/or manure to effectively provide needed crop nutrients while protecting against the potential adverse impacts of manure, erosion and organic byproducts on water quality.
  • Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans: Specifically developed for livestock operations, CNMPs record the strategies and practices adopted to address on-farm natural resource concerns; specifically concerns related to soil erosion, livestock manure and disposal of organic by-products. The development of a CNMP begins with a comprehensive engineering and conservation planning resource assessment of current site conditions.

Results & Reports

AgSource’s 4Rs
We know it’s all about the 4Rs – Right source, Right rate, Right time and Right place. But here at AgSource, we have 4Rs too…

  1. Responsible – We understand the importance of accurate data and reliable results. We work hard to be the best stewards of the land, treating the land, the community and resources as our own.
  2. Reasonable – High tech doesn’t mean it is high priced. Find the service level right for you.
  3. Regional – Between the staff locations and van routes, we can touch every corner of the state. That means your samples travel to the lab faster and your results can be ready sooner.
  4. Relationships – Taking care of business means taking care of customers. Our planners walk the farms they work with and gain a better understanding of your operation before creating your plan.

A fifth R might be Recruiting! We are always looking for team-oriented agronomists looking be involved in a growing company and work directly with growers.