Manure Testing Services

Manure testing is a vital part of managing available nutrients. In addition to adding nutrients, applying manure also improves the health and structure of your soil. Be confident you’re applying the right amount by getting a manure test before application.Accurate manure testing is vital to managing this nutrient rich resource.

Our laboratories offer flexible manure testing packages and free sampling supplies. Contact our agronomy experts online to find out how you can begin testing today.

Testing Options

Whether you’re looking for fertility content, micronutrient levels or characteristics like pH and dry matter, AgSource has a manure package option for you.


Basic – This package is the industry standard.

  • Includes dry matter, total nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and sulfur.

Basic Plus – Ideal for analytical purposes.

  • Includes Basic package plus minor nutrients: calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese, sodium and zinc.

Complete – Nitrogen availability is provided.

  • Includes Basic package plus ammonia and nitrate levels.

Deluxe – This analysis provides a more comprehensive determination of nutrient availability.

  • Includes Basic Plus with ammonia and nitrate levels.

Additional Analysis**

  • Ammonia & Nitrate – Measures inorganic nitrogen.
  • pH – Measures acidity or alkalinity of manure. This can be variable, dependent upon the feed and bedding practices associated with the animal production systems. The pH of the manure directly influences the amount of ammonia volatilization.
  • Ash – Measures the inorganic solids.
  • Volatile Solids – Measures the level of organic solids.
  • Electrical Conductivity – Measures the soluble salt content.
  • Water Extractable Phosphorus (WEP) – Determines available phosphorus (soluble phosphorus).

** Packages vary by location. For exact package details for your specific location, please email us or directly contact the lab today.

Sampling Guide

Collection, preparation and shipping can influence sample quality. Poorly handled samples may not result in accurate analysis of the manure’s nutrients.

Click here to view Manure Sampling Procedures 

Manure Sampling Reminders

Results & Reports

Sample turnaround is five to seven working days. Results are available online, via email or standard mail. Choose from Excel, PDF or CSV files or one of the manure report options.


Dry Matter vs Wet-Basis

The AgSource manure report provides test results on an ‘as-received’ basis. This is also called a wet-basis and reflects the way manure is usually spread. The only exception is the Wisconsin report. The minor elements in the Wisconsin manure report are reported on ‘dry matter’ basis.

Technical Bulletins

To learn more about your manure report, read the Understanding a Manure technical bulletin.

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