Water & Plant Tissue Testing for Aquaponics

Welcome to AgSource Laboratories!  We are pleased to work with Nelson & Pade growers to deliver reliable water and plant tissue testing for aquaponics. If you have questions regarding this or other testing services, please contact Ethan Pickett at 715.213.7690 or [email protected].

Please find the appropriate sampling and submission information in the sections below. To order supplies, please contact the laboratory directly (see the section below for contact info), contact Ethan Pickett, or simply fill-out our online sample supply order form. Thank you!


AgSource offers the following two packages for Source and System water samples:

Complete Fertilizer Solution Test 

15-MTF Method for Bacteria Test

  • **Samples MUST BE shipped overnight** and sterile bottle is required.
  • How to Sample: Wash hands. Water sample must be taken in sterile bottle provided by the laboratory. Do not touch the inside of the bottle lid or the inside of the neck of the bottle. Do not set the lid down, hold in hand while you fill the sterile bottle. Open the bottle and place it under a slowly flowing water stream. Fill the bottle to within ½ inch of the top of the bottle. Cap the bottle tightly and record the Sample Collection Time and Date on the Sample Submission Form.
  • SOURCE water bacteria sample submission form – Click Here
  • SYSTEM water bacteria sample submission form – Click Here

Plant Tissue

AgSource offers the following two packages for aquaponics plant tissue:

E. Coli 15-MTF Method Bacteria Test
  • NOTE: Use a sterile bag. Samples must be shipped overnight.
  • Cost = $38/sample
  • How to Sample: Wash hands. Wipe scissors with disinfecting wipe. Open sterile bag and hold in hand while you cut several leaves. Place lettuce in sterile bag. Holding tabs, flip the bag over several times, then fold the tabs over to seal.
  • Tissue bacteria samples submission form – Click Here

Complete Analysis

  • Includes: % – Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium. PPM – Sodium, Sulfur, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Iron, Boron and Aluminum
  • Cost = $22/sample
  • How to Sample: When to sample: mid-growth. Plant part: recently matured leaves, (inner part of head) Number of leaves: 30-50 (you can leave the lettuce head intact). Dry off excess moisture/water before placing in sample bag.
  • Plant tissue complete sample submission form – Click Here

Care & Shipping

Care of Samples

Shipping Instructions

Close bottles and samples bags tightly. Make sure samples are accompanied by Sample Submission Forms. Use multiple lines on a form for multiple samples. Samples for coliform bacteria are time critical and must be shipped by overnight mail or UPS/Fedex. Source/System water and plant tissue samples can be shipped by UPS or US Postal Service.

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